1999-01 Royal College of Art, MA Photography
1990-94 University of Westminster, BA (Hons) Film, Video & Photographic Arts- 1st class
2019 Noon In the Desert, The Jugg Art Foundation, Ipswich, UK
2018 The dust in my pocket, Metronom
2018 Atlas House, Ipswich
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2004 Black Flag (1), The Wapping Project, London, The Jerwood Commissions
2004 Upstream Gallery, Amsterdam (with Cristian Andersen)
2000 Southampton City Art Galley, Southampton
2000 South Hill Park Arts Centre, Bracknell
1996 Islington Arts Factory, London
1996 Zone Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne
2020 False Memory, Rugby Art Gallery and Museum, Rugby, UK (forthcoming)
2020 Head with Many Thoughts, Contemporary Arts Centre, Vilnius, Lithuania
2019 Allhallowtide, Art Space Portsmouth, UK
2019 The Window, 1909 7th Ave. Los Angeles, USA
2019 This is not an Oak Tree, Jugg Art Foundation, Ipswich, Suffolk, UK
2019 Luma Rencontres Dummy Book Award, Arles Photo Festival, France
2018 Uncommon or Garden, Jugg Art Foundation, Ipswich, Suffolk, UK
2018 Annabel Elgar / Ryan Gander at Atlas House, Ipswich, Suffolk, UK, Ipswich Biennial
2018 Photoworks Presents Collaborate at Free Range, Truman Brewery, London
2017 NUCLEUS- Imagining Science, Noorderlicht Photofestival,
  Groningen, The Netherlands
2017 Antologia, Metronom, Italy
2016 Photography is Magic, Aperture Foundation, New York
  (curator: Charlotte Cotton)
2016 Dell’infingimento. Quello che noi crediamo di sapere della fotografia,
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2013 The Wapping Project Bankside, London
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2011 The Wapping Project Bankside, London
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2010 The Wapping Project Bankside, London
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2009 No End in Sight, Vegas Gallery, London
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2007 Creekside Open, London (selector Victoria Miro)
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2000 Assembly, Whitechapel, London
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1995 The Fabergé Photography Awards, Victoria & Albert Museum, London
1994 Agfa Bursary Winners' Exhibition, London
2019 'Noon in the Desert' shortlisted for the Istanbul Photo Book Festival FUAM
  2019 Book Award
  'Noon in the Desert' shortlisted for the Luma Rencontres Dummy Book Award
  Arles 2019, Rencontres D'Arles 2019
2017 Daylight Photo Awards, Juror's pick, Roy Flukinger
  (Harry Ransom Center, Austin, Texas )
2014-15 One of eight nominated for the Prix Elysée, Musée de L'Elysée
2013 Selected for Creekside Open (selector: Ceri Hand)
2009 Shortlisted for Creekside Open (selector Jenni Lomax)
2007 Shortlisted for ArtSway Open 2007
2007 Shortlisted for Creekside Open (selector Victoria Miro)
2006 Winner, 8th Portfolio Review, Month of Photography, Bratislava
2004 Arts Council Funding Award
2004 Jerwood Commissions Award
2002 London Arts Council Funding Award
2000 Winner, National Magazine Award- Fine Art Photography (in association with the Royal College of Art)
1999 Southern Arts Funding Award
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1994 Agfa Bursary Award
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  Annabel Elgar